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What's the benefit of scheduling an appointment?
This answer has been viewed 9794 times and was last updated on 01/18/2019.
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Who has time to wait?  Make an appointment and jump to the front of the line!  (Appointments are only available for driver license and title transactions.)  Once you have set up an appointment with our office, inform the receptionist or a staff member when you arrive that you are there for your appointment.


The Tax Collector performs many duties both for state and county agencies. Some transactions can be time consuming and, at times, confusing for the customer and is best completed in person by appointment.  Therefore, appointments are required for the following Driver License and ID Card transactions:

  • Class E Driving Skills Road Test (Manatee County residents only)
  • Written Testing (Manatee County residents only)
  • Learner Licenses - Written Testing needed in person or already passed testing online
  • Non-US Citizens - Includes all immigrants, permanent residents, “green card” holders, non-immigrants, and temporary residents
  • Naturalized US citizens (Naturalized less than 2 years ago)
  • Naturalized US citizens (never issued a FL driver license/ID card)
  • US citizens born abroad
  • Transfer Out-of-State Driver License or ID Card to Florida when License/ID is Lost or Stolen
  • First-Time (In Lifetime) ID Card Issuance - Never had a government-issued ID Card in any US State
  • Medical-Related Testing, Re-Exams and Issues/Questions
  • Commercial (CDL) Driver Licenses
  • Sexual Predator/Offender & Career Offender Transactions
  • DUI Reinstatement and/or Ignition Interlock Restriction
  • Hardship License Issuance


For those customers who do not have to come in and can complete transactions online or by mail (registration renewaldriver license renewaltax payments, etc.), it will reduce the wait for those who must come in.  This also assists our office in improving efficiency by planning and placing staff accordingly and innovating better ways to serve.

Please keep in mind that our branch offices only offer limited driver license services.  Our Driver License Office (DLO) located at 904 301 Blvd W, Bradenton, processes additional transactions.

Not a Manatee County resident?  Out-of-County residents will have the following options available to process a transaction in Manatee County: (1) motor vehicle services are only available at First Manatee South County Tag Agency and (2) driver license services are available by appointment only at our Driver License Office.

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