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Mobile Home
What is an electronic title (or e-title)? Why should I store my title electronically?
This answer has been viewed 9270 times and was last updated on 02/07/2018.
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An electronic title (or e-title) is a certificate of title that is stored electronically and has not been printed to paper. It is maintained in an electronic status at no cost to you until you (the owner) or your lienholder requests that a paper title be printed.  You can request an e-title when transferring a title into your name or when adding a lien to an existing title in your name.

Storing your title electronically is a fraud deterrent.  You get immediate peace of mind in knowing that your title record is in a safe and secure (electronic) location.  This means that there is much less of a chance that someone could get their hands on your title and transfer ownership without your knowledge.

Save time looking for a lost or stolen certificate of title!  By storing your title electronically, you don’t have a chance to misplace or lose it.

You could also potentially save up to $85, which is the typical cost for a lost or stolen title!

Watch our video for additional information on electronic titles!

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