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What number do I call to make an appointment?
This answer has been viewed 3883 times and was last updated on 04/18/2017.
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Appointments may only be scheduled online.  We will not schedule appointments by phone or email.

Appointments are required for the following Driver License and ID Card transactions:

  • Class E Driving Skills Road Test (Manatee County residents only)
  • Written Testing (Manatee County residents only)
  • Learner Licenses - Written Testing needed in person or already passed testing online
  • Non-US Citizens - Includes all immigrants, permanent residents, “green card” holders, non-immigrants, and temporary residents
  • Naturalized US citizens (Naturalized less than 2 years ago)
  • Naturalized US citizens (never issued a FL driver license/ID card)
  • US citizens born abroad
  • Transfer Out-of-State Driver License or ID Card to Florida when License/ID is Lost or Stolen
  • First-Time (In Lifetime) ID Card Issuance - Never had a government-issued ID Card in any US State
  • Medical-Related Testing, Re-Exams and Issues/Questions
  • Commercial (CDL) Driver Licenses
  • Sexual Predator/Offender & Career Offender Transactions
  • DUI Reinstatement and/or Ignition Interlock Restriction
  • Hardship License Issuance
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