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221 What payment methods are available for property taxes?
1569  What are Ad Valorem Taxes?
250 How do I apply for Homestead Exemption on my property taxes?
1568  What are Non-Ad Valorem Assessments?
537  I have a question about my Community Development District (CDD) assessment; who do I contact?
219 What is the last day I can pay delinquent 2016 real estate taxes to avoid the issuance of a tax certificate?
175 What methods of payment are available when paying property taxes online? What credit cards are accepted?
186 What is the last day I can pay 2016 property taxes online?
208 I just bought a piece of property, but I paid the taxes at closing; why am I receiving a property tax bill?
217 My property tax bill is too high; why is the Tax Collector charging me so much?
211 Why did I receive a property tax bill when my mortgage company/escrow company is supposed to pay my taxes?
231 Why must I file a tangible personal property tax return?
222 Why aren't all property owners listed on the property tax bill?
235 On the Tangible Personal Property Tax Return do I have to report assets that are provided in the rent or assets that I lease, loan, rent, or borrow?
197 Can a tax certificate be cancelled?
1561 I am a certificate holder and wish to apply for a tax deed application on a tax certificate I hold. What is the process?
220 I qualified for a low income senior citizen exemption this year. Does that exemption apply to all the tax districts on my tax bill?
522 What payment methods are accepted for delinquent property taxes?
199 What are county-held tax certificates?
1543 Eleven Things to Know About Tax Certificates
226 What additional fees are added when property taxes are not paid before the April 1st delinquency date?
527 My tax bill does not reflect that I sold a piece of my property to someone else. How do I request a cutout (or a combination)?
228 I paid the wrong property tax account (erroneous payment). What do I need to do?
195 What is a tax certificate?
209 The property tax bill I received in August was less than another bill I received after that; why is that?
196 When I purchase a tax certificate, do I own the property?
218 What is the millage rate on my property tax bill?
1585 What is the status of my property tax payment?
214 I can’t pay my property taxes; can I sign up now for the installment plan?
1583 What happens if I do not pay my property taxes?
216 How do I change the address on my property tax bill?
243 I received an orange door hanger. Why did I receive it? And, what do I need to do to resolve the issue?
202 I'm interested in purchasing tax certificates. Where do I find the delinquent taxes available?
246 Where can I find information regarding tax deed sales?
229 What is tangible personal property tax?
212 Why is my property tax bill so much higher than last year?
242 How does Amendment 1 affect my tangible personal property taxes?
223 Is it possible to make a partial payment for property taxes?
207 I no longer own the property, but I received a property tax bill for it; what should I do?
200 Can I purchase "county held" tax certificates?
490  How can I obtain a file of all current and/or delinquent property tax accounts?
1573 Are there any fees associated with obtaining a paid receipt or duplicate tax bill?
1560 What is List of Lands Available for Taxes?
201 I purchased a tax certificate, and the owner of the property just paid the taxes. When do I receive my money?
203 I am a tax certificate holder. When is the deadline to take action before I lose my money?
525 What is your mailing address? What is your overnight address?
206 What does the abbreviation I & S mean in regards to property taxes?
198 Can a tax certificate be transferred?
244 A levy and seizure notice was placed on my door. What should I do?
237 If I rent my home/condo, do I have to file a tangible personal property tax return?
249 I would like to send a wire payment for property taxes. Where can I get wiring funds instructions?
531 Can I obtain a property tax payoff (amount due) and the payment status of a tax account by telephone?
248 If I am due a refund for overpayment of taxes. When can I expect to receive a check?
234 I have old equipment that has been fully depreciated and written off the books. Am I still required to complete a tangible personal property tax return?
251 I am active duty or retired military. Are there any special pricing, privileges or exemptions available for my property taxes?
225 What is minimum tax (or MINTAX) in regards to property taxes?
210 I received a peach-colored Informational Notice instead of a property tax bill. Why?
1579 Where do I find additional information on Adverse Possession?
240 What if I don't file my tangible personal property tax return?
224 If my bank/mortgage company states they paid my real estate taxes, why does your website shows the taxes as "unpaid"?
232 How can I obtain a Personal Property Tax Return (DR-405) form?
215 Do I have to have a receipt for my property tax bill payment?
230 Who must file a tangible personal property tax return?
204 Is the purchase of a tax certificate a risk-free investment?
241 If I am no longer in business, should I still file a tangible personal property tax return?
540 Do you accept the postmark date when mailing in a property tax payment?
532  Can I payoff my special assessment (sewer, paving, canal dredging or drainage) online?
233 What if I receive more than one Personal Property Tax Return (DR-405) form?
538 I have a question about my fire assessment; who do I contact?
1577 I have filed an Adverse Possession claim on a property with the Property Appraiser. How do I pay the taxes?
205 I am a tax certificate holder. How does a bankruptcy petition affect me?
238 Are there deadlines and penalties for filing a tangible personal property tax return?
1578 What if there are multiple claimants other than husband and wife?
239 If I buy or sell an existing business during the year, who is responsible for the tangible personal property taxes?
213 Why did my property tax bill come to me with a different owner’s name?
236 Is there a minimum value that I do not have to report on a tangible personal property tax return?