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254 Who is required to pay tourist tax?
265  How often is tourist tax remitted?
269  Are there any additional taxable items when calculating tourist tax due?
264 At times during the year, my property is used by family/friends. Am I required to collect tourist tax?
255 Which renters, if any, are exempt from paying tourist tax?
252 What is tourist tax?
1544 What rules and regulations govern the collection and remission of the Tourist Development Tax?
266 Are there any discounts for timely remittance and payment?
530 Where do I send payments when paying with a check?
1542 What elements are necessary for a lease to be qualified as a bonafide written lease?
259 My rental property is always handled by an property manager/rental agent. Do I need to apply for a tourist tax account number?
256  Must I, as a home owner, charge tourist tax on my own residence, or other units that I own?
268 Can I delete expenses such as electric, water, phone, etc. when calculating tourist tax owed?
1545  How do I contact the Florida Department of Revenue?
262 What remedies does the Tax Collector have available if someone doesn't register, collect and/or remit tourist tax?
258 I only rent property certain times of the year. Am I required to pay tourist tax?
539  How do I make changes to my tourist tax account?
270 Do you know someone who is renting and not collecting and/or remitting tourist tax?
271  I can't log in to Excise (tourist tax online application). Why?
257 If I rent to a resident of Florida, do I have to collect tourist tax, since the renters are not tourists?
267 What are the penalties for tourist tax non-compliance?
260 I utilize a rental agent but also rent periodically on my own, must I have a separate tourist tax account number?
263  If I am a property owner whose rental meets the criteria of a "tourist tax" property, what should I do?
272  I can't find my tourist tax coupon or monthly return. What should I do?
253 Who benefits from the tourist tax money collected?
261 Who enforces the collection of tourist tax?
1580 What are my rights as a taxpayer?