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16 results found in category Concealed Weapon License.
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1593 What is the process when I arrive at your office?
1592 Are there discounts for active or retired Florida law enforcement employees?
1587 Is the tax collector’s office responsible for determining who is eligible to receive a concealed weapon license?
1588 Is my personal information protected and exempt from public record if I apply at your office?
1594 What is the Florida statute number for "license to carry concealed weapon or firearm"?
1590 Can I get a duplicate license at your office?
1591 How long will it take to receive my license?
1598 What are the eligibility requirements for a concealed weapon license?
1589 Can I change my address on my concealed weapon license at your office?
1599 How long is my license valid?
1602 Will I receive my renewed concealed weapon license at your office?
1597 How long will it take to complete the application process at your office?
1608 How much is it to apply for an original concealed weapon license or to renew a concealed weapon license?
1600 What documentation do I need if I'm actively employed with or retired from a Florida law enforcement agency as a law enforcement officer, correctional officer, or correctional probation officer?
1604 When are appointments offered to apply for an original or renew my concealed weapon license?
1595 What is the status of my application?

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