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34 results found in category Boat.
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1563 What is required to title and register a boat in Florida?
43 I just purchased a boat and outboard motor from the same seller. Are there any sales tax breaks on the purchase price of the complete rig?
10 How do I obtain an antique boat decal? And, how much does one cost?
1575 What types of specialized title transactions must be processed by drop off?
533 What is an electronic title (or e-title)? And, why should I store my title electronically?
26 Are there any boats that are exempt from title/registration?
519 I just bought a boat but the seller lost the title. I want to transfer the title into my name and get a decal. What do I need to do?
60 When am I exempt from paying sales tax on a boat?
16 Am I required to document my boat with the US Coast Guard?
534 How do I convert en electronic title (e-title) to a paper title? And, do I need to convert it?
57 What needs to be filled out on my boat title?
63 Is my personal information (including my boat information) considered "public record"?
515 I just moved to Florida from out-of-state. I have a loan on my car/boat or I am leasing my car/boat. How do I get a Florida license plate and/or decal?
39 Are there any restrictions as to where I can process my boat transaction?
64 Where are the public boat ramps and public piers located in Manatee County?
1586 How do I add a lien on my title? How is a lien satisfied on a title?
524 Why can't I renew my plate/decal online?
15 I would like to document my boat with the US Coast Guard, what do I need to do?
526 Are lienholders required to participate in Florida's Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Program?
23 Where do the boat fees go?
46 I just bought a new/used boat trailer. How do I transfer it into my name and get a license plate?
38 I just bought a brand new boat that has never been titled or registered in any state. What do I need to do to register it in Florida?
36 I lost my boat title; how do I get a duplicate title and how much does it cost?
21 Where should the FL # and decal be displayed on a boat?
29 How do I replace/update my boat registration/decal?
44 I bought a boat from out-of-state and that state doesn't title boats. How do I get a Florida title and decal?
27 Are military personnel exempt from registering their boat?
11 I am thinking about becoming a boat dealer. What do I need to do?
42 I would like to change my boat classification from commercial to pleasure (or vice versa). What do I need to do?
14 I have a complaint against a boat dealer; who should I contact?
30 Can a boat decal be transferred?
302 What is the best way to renew my boat registration/decal?
25 Does it cost more to register a boat in Manatee County as compared to other counties?
1584 I mailed in a title for processing in accordance with the “Title by Mail” requirements; what is the status of my title work?

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