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21 results found in category Fishing and Hunting.
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83 I am a senior citizen; do I get a free fishing license or hunting license?
88 I am disabled; am I entitled to a free fishing license or hunting license?
101 Do you need a saltwater license to fish from shore?
102 Where can I get information on fishing and hunting regulations, seasons, or rules?
91 Is there a penalty for fishing without a fishing license?
84 What happens if someone has a Florida resident fishing license or hunting license, but they don't live in Florida?
98 I take people on my boat to fish but I don't charge them; is there a license I can buy for this situation?
95 I charge people to go fishing from my boat; is there a fishing license I can buy to cover my passengers?
85 Other than the Tax Collector's Office, where else can I purchase a fishing license or hunting license?
87 Why does Florida impose a saltwater fishing license requirement?
89 When does a fishing license expire? When do snook and crawfish permits expire?
92 I own a pier; can I purchase a pier license?
86 What constitutes a "resident" for a fishing license or hunting license?
103 I am active duty or retired military. Are there any special pricing, privileges or exemptions available for me when purchasing a fishing or hunting license?
90 Can I buy a fishing license that's valid for more than a year?
96 Can a boat fishing license be issued to the owner to cover multiple boats?
97 When do boat fishing licenses expire?
64 Where are the public boat ramps and public piers located in Manatee County?
99 I want to catch fish to sell either wholesale or retail; what type of license do I need?
93 If a commercial pier charges individuals to fish, is the pier owner required to purchase a pier license?
100 If I lose my fishing license or hunting license, can I get a replacement?