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23 results found in category Mobile Home.
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1565 What is required to title and register a mobile home?
536 What is an electronic title (or e-title)? Why should I store my title electronically?
121 How do I get a Real Property, or RP, decal?
119 What happens when my mobile home registration/decal becomes delinquent?
109 What is the best way to renew my mobile home registration/decal?
491 What should I do if I have dismantled or destroyed a Mobile Home that was located in Manatee County?
154 I lost my vehicle or mobile home title; how do I get a duplicate title and how much does it cost?
105 My mobile home is a double-wide. Do I have to buy two decals/stickers? What about a triple-wide?
1576 Are you involved in the transfer of a title where one or both owners are deceased?
133 Is my personal information (including my mobile home information) considered "public record"?
135 I received a mobile home "Notice of Impending Court Summons." What should I do?
106 My mobile home has a carport and screen porch, do I have to pay taxes for that, too?
122 As a mobile home owner, am I eligible for any property tax exemptions?
41 I just bought a vehicle or mobile home but the seller lost the title. I want to transfer the title into my name and get a plate/decal. What do I need to do?
125 I own a travel trailer or park model that is permanently affixed to the ground. How is it different than a mobile home?
114 How do I change the address on my mobile home registration?
117 Where should the license plate be displayed on a travel trailer or park model permanently affixed to the ground?
134 I received an orange door hanger. Why did I receive it, and how do I resolve the issue?
116 Where should the decal(s) be displayed on a mobile home?
128 What needs to be filled out on my mobile home title?
115 I changed my name due to marriage, divorce or court order. How do I update the name on my mobile home registration?
120 What is the difference between a regular mobile home decal (on a colored backing) and a Real Property, or RP, decal (on a black backing)?
131 Do I have to pay sales tax on a mobile home?

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