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Jedidiah Brightbill is the Manatee County Tax Collector’s Employee of the Quarter  (Published 01-18-2017)

Jedidiah Brightbill is the Manatee County Tax Collector's Employee of the 1st Quarter 2017. An employee since 2008, Jedidiah was an associate in the Customer Solutions & Associate Development department, was quickly promoted to a Quality Assurance Support Analyst, then named the Manager of the Operations department and the Office's Records Management Liaison. He earned is CFCA designation and was previously Employee of the Quarter in 2013.

"Jedidiah Brightbill is one of our brightest and best," said Tax Collector Ken Burton, Jr. "When tasked with any project, we know he is going to complete it to its fullest potential, usually with his own impeccable technology branding. We value him in this Office."

In making the nomination for the award, Operations Director Marie Inotai said, "Last spring Operations initiated a massive undertaking in selecting a new payment processing vendor who could meet our expectations and turn our dreams into reality. Since we were the first organization in Florida to hire this vendor; we knew it was going to take a very technical person to work side by side with them. Additionally, a very aggressive time schedule was required to ensure that the live production site was ready and our staff trained before the 3rd quarter installments payments were due and the heavy tax season began. Because of Jedidiah’s knowledge and teamwork with the vendor, this project came in on time and on budget."

What makes payment processing unique in Tax Collectors offices is motor vehicle processing. The complexity of the State of Florida's Motor Vehicle computer system makes this process very time consuming with many manual functions involved. Therefore, in selecting a new vendor, our number one priority was to automate this process."

As the lead, Jedidiah was instrumental in communicating, documenting and testing the system. We had very specific goals to accomplish this and they created our motor vehicle "look up" file. We now have the capability to run motor vehicle renewals that formerly had to be processed by hand, which were between 8-10% of the transactions. With all the enhancements, manual transactions have been reduced to 5%; a major improvement and time savings. Items that formerly required multiple scans are now scanned only once."

And his work was not done. Jedidiah was tasked to improve the process "stuffing" motor vehicles once the renewals were printed. He wrote a technical program for the motor vehicle print file, which splits it into very specific groups to assist manual stuffing and reduce errors. He programmed the files structure for our vendor so we no longer manually print reports and save to folders. In conjunction with our vendor and IT department, Jedidiah set up an FTP site, so our current government process payment customers can log into and research their accounts, instead of our department having to stop and research it for them. By developing these programs Jedidiah saved the department time, saved the Office money that we would have had to pay our vendor, and saved our IT department production time which allowed them to work on other projects."

"These are just a few of many examples where Jedidiah's technical expertise, vision and knowledge have helped take our Office to the next level," said Burton. "He multitasks managing the department, monitoring turnaround times, scheduling staff, facilitating building issues for five locations, and at times, even jumping in and processing payments. Operations and the Tax Collector's Office are blessed to have him on our team."

Jedidiah represents the Tax Collector's Office core values: customer focus, future focus, excellence and accountability, integrity and respect, innovation, and teamwork. His name is engraved on the Employee of the Quarter Trophy; he receives a merit certificate, a reserved parking space, a uni-leave day, gets to name a themed casual day, and receives a free pizza from Demetrio's Pizza House, Cortez Road.

The mission of the Manatee County Tax Collector's Office is to perform our duties with integrity and respect, focusing on innovation and serving with excellence.
Manatee County Tax Collector is a 2011 Governor's Sterling Award Recipient

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