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Amanda Ferguson is Manatee County Tax Collector’s Most Valuable Employee 2017  (Published 10-18-2017)

Amanda "Mandie" Ferguson was nominated and selected by her peers as the 2017 Most Valuable Employee of the Manatee County Tax Collector's Office. Manager of the DeSoto counter, she has been on staff since 2007, serving in the Customer Solutions & Associate Development (CSAD) department. Two staff members nominated Mandie for the award; others nominated were Alabeth Ramirez, Heather Alicky, Karen Prater, Sharmaine Bridges, Kristy Chapman all of CSAD; Jennifer Johnson, Field Services & Collections; and Thomas Sheridan, Operations.

In making the nominations team members said: "Mandie is the first to go above and beyond including looking at every aspect of the problem for the appropriate solution. In the short amount of time that I was able to work with her, we made a number of changes and updates together to better the organization and flow of many procedures, tools, and training processes, including Driver License Office (DLO) Backup training. She continues to impress me in her role as manager of the DeSoto counter with her willingness to help me whenever I need it and explain any topic to me so that I (and other associates) can understand it.

"Mandie is the epitome of our Teamwork and Excellence and Accountability core values. While we only worked with her for a short time at the DLO, she helped create a strong TEAM bond. This was especially important since our 'whole world' had just changed (new manager and assistant). She helped keep communication open, encouraged us to share our ideas, and ensured that we all felt heard. If I asked a question in Zendesk, because I did not understand a procedure, she would help me finish up my customer and then spend whatever time was needed to ensure I understood WHY I had to complete the transaction that way. This approach helped me improve myself and continues to help new associates achieve excellence in our organization. For every angry or upset customer I had, she brought a calm, cool head. For every time I had a problem that I needed help, she had a

positive attitude and encouraged me to continue to improve. For example, I hit a roadblock when

updating DLO Backup Training and could not figure out how to overcome the issue. She scheduled time in her busy day to sit down with me and talk it through so that we came to an agreeable outcome. On top of her fantastic teamwork, Mandie has an extensive history of quality projects, reports, and feedback. Her work is concise and accurate and rarely has any errors. I cannot thank her enough for being an outstanding role model in a leadership and management position.

"Mandie is a joy to work with on so many levels and is a valued asset in our office. I believe that she deserves this award because of all that she has accomplished since her start here and what she continues to achieve."

"Mandie fulfills 'performing our duties with excellence' by creating ways to motivate our team. She gives projects for associates to help and to feel like they are contributing more than just calling numbers. She is an example of all of our core values - Customer Focus - Mandie knows we need positive comments from customers and with customers #1 concern to have speedy service, Mandie has kept her team meeting customer wait times for 120+ days; even if that means management processing transactions on the counter, like 9/18/17. Innovation - She is constantly trying to improve processes. From VIN verifications, the removal of toll violations, etc; Mandie continues to try to improve the function of each process. Future Focus - When an associate struggles, Mandie will ensure a more experienced associate sit behind the struggling associate to give tips on how the associate could benefit. Integrity and Respect - Mandie has a way to make people feel important and she always is true to her word. Mandie is someone who is herself, no matter who is around. Teamwork - Mandie is always willing to help others and also has associates work on projects together to build teamwork. Mandie is someone I would want to ALWAYS be on my team! Excellence and Accountability - One thing I have learned is how to admit when I have made an error, without making an excuse, and take accountability for it. Mandie is someone who will tell others about something she did incorrectly to make sure others do not make the same mistake. This is important for our company to excel. Community and Social Responsibility - Mandie is one of the volunteers for the 2017 Rowing Event. It's great how she can take the time to volunteer with others. She is someone who gives so much to the Manatee County Tax Collector's Office and always with a smile.

The MVE award carries with it a certificate of merit, name engraved on the MVE trophy, name listed on the Most Valuable Employee page on the office web, a Java n Jive gift certificate, a bonus unileave day, and names a themed casual day in her honor.

Most Valuable Employee recipient 2017, Amanda Ferguson

The mission of the Manatee County Tax Collector's Office is to perform our duties with integrity and respect, focusing on innovation and serving with excellence.
Manatee County Tax Collector is a 2011 Governor's Sterling Award Recipient

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