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Fifteen employees earn perfect attendance at Manatee County Tax Collector's office  (Published 10-18-2017)

The Manatee County Tax Collector recognized 15 employees with perfect attendance for 2016-2017 at the annual Columbus Day in-service work day October 9, 2017. These employees met the "perfect" attendance criteria of no unscheduled absences or events.

In making the announcement, Tax Collector Ken Burton Jr., said, "This award is one that I look forward to presenting every year. Not often does the head of an organization get to recognize 15 staff members who earned perfect attendance. I am so proud of these employees who faithfully performed their duties exhibiting our core values of teamwork, excellence and accountability, community and social responsibility."

The employees recognized were Heather Alicky, LaToya Benton, Sara Bramer, Sharmaine Bridges, Lauren DiUlio, Alyssa Hamilton, Kay Horrell, Suzanne Kistler, Antonia Medina, Pam Pontious, Karen Prater, Sara Sasada, Debra Scott, Erin Tucker, and David Verhoff. Three employees missed it by less than 15-minutes - Denise Hartwell, Alex Kosmas and Keshia Williams.

The perfect employees receive a certificate of merit, an office garment and one day of unileave as their incentive and recognition.

Perfect attendance award recipients 2017

The mission of the Manatee County Tax Collector's Office is to perform our duties with integrity and respect, focusing on innovation and serving with excellence.
Manatee County Tax Collector is a 2011 Governor's Sterling Award Recipient

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