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Ali Amraoui is the Manatee County Tax Collector's Employee of the Fourth Quarter 2019  (Published 10-16-2019)

Employee of the Fourth Quarter 2019, Ali Amraoui, with Tax Collector Ken Burton and Director Wayne Hoefle
(Photo left to right: Tax Collector Ken Burton, Jr.,
Ali Amraoui, IT Director Wayne Hoefle

(Bradenton FL) Ali Amraoui was announced as the Manatee County Tax Collector's Employee of the 4th Quarter at the annual Columbus Day in-service work day held at Legacy Hotel at IMG Academy, Bradenton. An employee since 2014, Ali began his career in the Customer Solutions and Associate Development department as a customer service representative. He transferred to the Information Technology (IT) department as an IT Support Technician in 2015; and was promoted to IT Support Administrator in 2017.

"When you look of the scope of Ali's work, just this quarter alone, it is mind boggling, and I'm a 'techie,'" said Tax Collector Ken Burton Jr. "The most important to me is his handling of many critical areas that affect our whole office, such as preventing malware from infecting our network, solving a serious state credentials issue, issues with a key financial site, queuing and facial recognition issues with a state system. What really impresses me is how he does these things with great finesse, making the work appear effortless."

"Ali is tireless in his work ethic," said Wayne Hoefle, IT director. "He managed 13 substantial projects including a new phone system, supervising server room re-wires, and rolling out new PCs in multiple locations/departments, a self-service password reset solution office-wide, and a number of other high impact IT solutions to benefit the organization. During this time he obtained his OnBase Admin Certification and assisted with the IT budget process. Then, when our system administrator was out, Ali assumed his responsibilities without missing a beat. I cannot say enough good things about him."

"When our department contracted with LTAS Technologies Inc. to launch Hamari, a software program to assist in locating short-term rentals for tourist tax collections, Ali worked directly with the company's CEO to ensure the product worked perfectly with our system," said Michele Schulz, Field Services & Collections director.

"Training is one of our highest priorities," said Tony Conboy, CSAD director. "Ali totally understands the magnitude of these efforts and implemented a wireless trainer solution that works beautifully for both our trainers and associates."

Ali exhibits our core values innovation, excellence and accountability, future focus, customer focus, teamwork, integrity and respect along with community and social responsibility. His name is engraved on the Employee of the Quarter Trophy; he receives a merit certificate, a reserved parking space, a uni-leave day, names a themed casual day, and receives a free pizza from Demetrio's Pizza House, Cortez Road.

The mission of the Manatee County Tax Collector's Office is to perform our duties with integrity and respect, focusing on innovation and serving with excellence.
Manatee County Tax Collector is a 2011 Governor's Sterling Award Recipient

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