In order for the Manatee County Tax Collector's office to process your paperwork, you must provide proof that you reside in Manatee County either on a full-time basis or a part-time basis. (If you cannot provide proof of Manatee County residency, you cannot process your paperwork by mail in Manatee County.) Please submit a copy of one of the following items indicating a Manatee County address:

  • Florida Driver license (must have a Manatee County address)
  • Paid receipt for utility, telephone service, paid contract or turn-on order for utility service
  • Proof of homestead exemption
  • Rental or lease contract agreement
  • Current year motor vehicle, mobile home or boat certificate of registration
  • Copy of insurance policy for motor vehicle, mobile home or boat
  • Other documentary evidence that provides independent proof of a Manatee County address

In order to obtain a Florida title, please send the following:

    All individual(s) must submit a copy of one of the following with the application for title:

    • A valid driver license or ID card with photo issued by any US state or territory (Florida driver license must indicate a Manatee County address).
    • A Canadian driver license or ID card
    • A valid US or out-of-country passport
    • If transaction is being completed by Power of AttorneyPDF file a copy of the valid driver license, identification card or passport for both the applicant and the person appointed power of attorney is required.
    • When a title is being transferred into the name of a business, proof of the validity of the business must be submitted and may be a copy of the following:

      For a Florida registered business:

      • Proof of Occupational License
      • A current year IRS tax return showing the business name
      • Active corporation or fictitious name documents filed with the Secretary of State
      • Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation License or Dept. of State License
      • Proof of registration with the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
      • Department of Revenue Sales Tax Registration/Exemption Certificate
      • IRS Heavy Use Tax (for Dump Trucks and Heavy Trucks) Form 2290
      • Current year Manatee County Personal Property Tax bill or receipt

      For an out-of-state registered business:
      • A current IRS tax return (one page that shows the business name).
      • Valid State business document or Occupational License
    The following are unacceptable types of verification for businesses:
    • A bank or checking account with the business name on it
    • A bill in the name of the business
    • Mail addressed to the business
    NOTE: Proof of authorization of an agent is required for all vehicles going into a business name.

    One of the following must be submitted:

    • If the agent is signing for a Florida registered business and the person is listed on www.sunbiz.orgNew window as an officer or director a screen print must be submitted.
    • If the agent signing or business is not listed on the Sun Biz website or the business is not registered in Florida, the agent signing must submit a letter on original business letterhead, which states that they are authorized to sign on behalf of the business. (The letter may be signed by any individual, provided s/he is someone other than the person signing the application.)

  2. APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF TITLE: You can fill in and print the Application for Certificate of TitlePDF file here.
    • Complete sections 1, thru 6. If company owned, FEID number MUST be provided.
    • It is mandatory that a Florida address be provided in section 1 of the Application for Certificate of Title under the "Owner's or Lessee's Physical Street Address in Florida (Mandatory)" section.
    • If out-of-state title, section 8 MUST be completed but only by a law enforcement officer, military police - Provost Marshal, a commissioned or warrant officer in active military service, or a Legalman (non-commissioned officer in the rank of E-7 or higher) or a Florida certified notary.

    Note: An out-of-state motor vehicle dealer may verify a VIN number on their letterhead signing and attesting to the fact that they have physically verified the VIN to be correct with a full description of the vehicle year, make and VIN; the letter must state that the dealer physically verified the VIN number. A Dealer VIN Verification for Out-of-State DealersPDF file template may be copied onto the dealer's letterhead and completed. All signatures must be original. (An out-of state motor vehicle dealer may not complete section 8 of form 82040.)

    • Section 9 must have Florida Sales Tax Registration Number. If your lease company does not have a Florida Sales Tax exemption number, you are subject to sales tax at 7% of the purchase price - a dealer invoice/bill of sale must be submitted.
    • Person appointed as Power of Attorney by the Leasing Company or the lessee(s) MUST sign section 12.
    NEW CAR: Manufacturer's Statement of Origin
    Note: Odometer statement must be completed on the back of the MSO or an original odometer statement completed by DEALER & PURCHASER must be submitted.
    USED CARS: Florida Title or Out-of-State Certificate of Title (Registered in another state). Note: Used vehicles 10 years or newer require the odometer and the date read to be disclosed per Federal Odometer Laws.

    *The title must be signed over on the purchaser and seller lines and the odometer disclosure statement & applicable dates must be completed when:

    • Ownership is changing
    • Adding/removing a name
    • Transferring to/from a trust
    • Name change
    Must be submitted in order to show whose name the registration should be in.

    If you are transferring a Florida license plate that is registered to the same lessee(s) of this vehicle, a copy of the current registration must be submitted OR list the plate number in section 2 of the Application for Certificate of Title.

    Complete the Florida Insurance AffidavitPDF file. Insurance issued by an out-of-state insurer/agent is not sufficient; insurance must be furnished from a company licensed in Florida.

  7. CHECK or money order in US funds made payable to Ken Burton Jr., Tax Collector. Your check is welcome provided it includes: Full name, street address, home telephone number with area code, driver license number and state of issuance. Starter checks are not acceptable. If your check is returned, it may be re-presented electronically. By submitting your payment by check, you are authorizing service charges and processing fees, as permitted by F.S. 832, to be debited from the same account by paper draft or electronically, at the option of the Tax Collector.

  8. Mail your paperwork to:
    Ken Burton Jr., Tax Collector
    Attn: Customer Contact Center
    819 301 Blvd. West
    Bradenton, Florida 34205
    Phone: 941-741-4800
    www.taxcollector.comNew window

Note: Please allow 10-14 business days for processing and mail time. If you would like expedited mail services, a prepaid overnight envelope must be supplied with your transaction. *Fast titles cannot be issued by mail.


The registration begins the day of purchase/ownership change until the first lessee's birth month. If this is only a transfer from out-of-state and ownership is not changing, the effective date would be today's date. The registration fee is determined by the first lessee's birthday and empty weight of the vehicle.

To determine the number of months required, start with the month the vehicle was purchased and count through to the owner's birth month.

The lessee must register the license plate in their name as registrant. If the lessee is a Company, please see the chart below.


1st Alpha Character of Company Name:

Expiration Date
A June 30
B, C July 31
D, E August 31
F September 30
G October 31
H, I, J November 30
K, L December 31
M, N January 31
O, P, Q February 29
R, S, T, U March 31
V April 30
W, X, Y, Z May 31

If the name of the company begins with numeric characters, the first alpha character in the name would determine the registration period.

Look up the weight of your vehicle: window

Visit our website for information about heavy trucks over 5000 lbs.
Heavy Truck Information and Fee Schedule based on GVWNew window

1. License Plate Fee:  
If you are renewing or need a new plate use the amount as figured:

Take the empty weight of the vehicle (rounded up to the nearest 100 pounds) and multiply that by $.015. Add $42.65 to that figure. If you would like a 2-year registration, double that figure. Add $28.00 if you need a new metal plate.

The license plate will expire on the first lessee’s birthday on pickups that weigh less than 5,000 pounds. To figure the amount of registration for a pickup weighing less than 5,000 pounds, visit our Motor Vehicle FeesNew window page on our website.

Enter License Plate Fee:

2. Initial Registration Fee
This fee only applies to a leased pickup truck
3. Title Fee: (CHOOSE ONLY ONE)

Because you are applying for your title by mail, the "fast title" option is not available.
Brand new vehicle $57.25
Brand new pickup truck $78.25
Vehicle currently titled in Florida $57.25
Pickup truck currently titled in Florida $78.25
Vehicle from another state $67.25
Pickup truck from another state $88.25
4. Late Fee:
If completed application is not received in our office within 30 days from purchase date
5. Sales Tax:
Make sure you have entered the Florida sales tax registration number in section 9 on the Application for Certificate of Title. If your lease company does not have a Florida sales tax exemption number you are subject to sales tax at 7% of the purchase price - a dealer invoice/bill of sale must be submitted.

Purchase Price (including add-on packages, destination charges and documentation/conveyance fees)  
Trade In (Sales tax is due on Manufacturer Rebates)  
Less Sales Tax paid in another state (attach proof)  
6. Lien Fee:
If you have a lien on the vehicle $2.00

Did you include all required documents?

  • Your contact information on the front page of the Mail Packet
  • Proof of Manatee County Residency
  • Proof of Identification
  • Proof of business verification - if applicable
  • Application for Certificate of Title
  • Original Certificate of Origin OR Original Certificate of Title
  • Current registration information
  • Proof of Florida Insurance
  • Check or money order in US funds made payable to Ken Burton Jr., Tax Collector

The information contained in this packet is believed to be correct, but is not warranted and is subject to change.