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This fee information will help you estimate your concealed weapon license transaction costs. Your actual fees may vary based on the specifics of your transaction.

To help ensure you successfully complete your transaction, please review our payment policy and options.

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License fees

A tax collector convience fee of $22.00 for original applications and $12.00 for renewals will apply.

For a printable list of transaction costs, see the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services' fee schedulePDF file.

License type Original
(includes $22 convenience fee)
(includes $12 convenience fee)
Florida resident 119.00 57.00
Out-of-state resident 119.00 99.00
Florida law enforcement officer, active 77.00 57.00
Florida law enforcement officer, retired within preceding year 22.00 42.00
Florida law enforcement officer, retired more than one year 94.00 42.00
Consular security official 322.00 312.00
Judge, active 22.00 12.00
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