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Featured questions
466 Driver License Where can I take the Class E Road Test?
65 Driver License How can I check the status of my driver license? How can I tell if my driver license is suspended?
469 Driver License Do you give the Class E Driving Skills Road Test in inclement (bad) weather?
366 Driver License How do I become an organ donor?
209 Property Tax The property tax bill I received in August was less than another bill I received after that; why is that?
Top 20 FAQs
1570 Appointments What services are offered by appointment?
1581 Office, Hours and Location/Appointments What is the First Manatee South County Tag Agency, what are their hours of operation, where are they located, and what services do they provide?
166 Motor Vehicle I am active duty or retired military. Are there any special pricing, privileges or exemptions available for me when titling or registering a car, truck or motorcycle?
1559 Motor Vehicle I have a heavy truck or I plan on buying a heavy truck; what are the requirements and fees?
143 Motor Vehicle What kind of license plates do you offer?
221 Property Tax What payment methods are available for property taxes?
1553 Driver License How do I clear a suspension on my driver license?
250 Property Tax How do I apply for Homestead Exemption on my property taxes?
1552 Driver License How do I clear a financial responsibility (FR) insurance suspension on my driver license?
1569 Property Tax What are Ad Valorem Taxes?
507 Driver License Do all offices offer full driver license services or do some only offer limited services?
1566 Motor Vehicle What is required to title and register a motor scooter or to register a moped?
1582 Office, Hours and Location I want to apply for a job at the tax collector's office. Can I get more information about some of the screening processes?
1555 Driver License How do I clear a DUI suspension or revocation on my driver license?
1563 Boat What is required to title and register a boat in Florida?
1568 Property Tax What are Non-Ad Valorem Assessments?
172 Online Payment Is there an extra fee when paying for property taxes online?
536 Mobile Home What is an electronic title (or e-title)? Why should I store my title electronically?
6 Appointments What number do I call to make an appointment?
1565 Mobile Home What is required to title and register a mobile home?